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National Wills Week ‘Advance Yourself’ 11-17 September 2023

It’s time to bust the myth that advance life planning is for older people.

Let’s face it, making a Will isn’t a subject most young people want to talk about, and there is always the misconception that they don’t own enough assets to warrant a Will.

You will be surprised!

If a young adult has any of the below, their wishes should be written into a valid Will:

  • Children, a pet, a car, a savings account, gaming tech, digital assets, a designer wardrobe collection, or other collectable items;
  • Personal loans, car loans or student loans;
  • Entitlements as a beneficiary in someone else’s estate;
  • Family heirlooms, art or jewellery;
  • Life Insurance, or entitlement to a payout post an accident;
  • Online accounts or user subscriptions;
  • Strong feelings about funeral arrangements.

Research has shown, many young adults pass away each year without a valid Will – with a staggering portion of these adults falling within the 18- to 25-year age bracket.

As the Public Trustee for the NT, these statistics are alarming, and that’s why I am taking action. We are calling all Territorians, aged 18 to 25 years, to Advance Yourself, and make a valid Will and an Advance Personal Plan (APP).  The Public Trustee for the NT can also store your Will and APP safely for free, so they are easy for your loved ones to find when needed.

We’re also calling all parents and grandparents, carers and guardians to make sure they have a valid Will and an Advance Personal Plan (APP) as well as have this important conversation with their young loved ones.

This National Wills Week, help us spread the ‘Advance Yourself’ message. Young Territorial adults need to make a Will, to ensure that the assets that are important to them, are considered, and given to the loved ones they choose.

National Wills Week is an annual campaign led by state and territory Public Trust services to raise awareness of the importance of advance life planning at all ages of life.

In 2023, National Wills Week will be run from 11-17 September.